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Lines Like This
7th-Jun-2005 06:00 pm
Forms by Stacca.

“You’re Aragorn?” She confirmed, pointing again at tall dark and leadery. He nodded before pointing to each of his companions in turn.

“And there, is Gandalf, Gimli son of Gloin and Legolas of the woodland realm.”

Dawn’s gaze fell once more on the elf. Woodland realm huh? Their introductions were suddenly interrupted by a voice sounding of woodchips and rustling.

“Well my name’s George…..”

Everyone turned to the previously screaming tree and simply blinked; an action to which the Ent seemed to take offence. Dawn watched in mild shock as the tree pouted…..yes pouted…..and shifted its branches moodily.

“In case anyone wanted to know,” it finished sulkily, folding a couple of branches in front of it in, what Dawn was shocked to realize, was an uncanny imitation of a sulky Spike. Dawn couldn’t help the grin that slid across her features.
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