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To get the other fandom ball rolling, here are some Harry Potter recs… 
18th-Oct-2004 12:23 am
1D- zayn's not having it
To get the other fandom ball rolling, here are some Harry Potter recs and lines.

Dean paused. “Is...is this some kind of wizard thing?”

“Hm?” Seamus yanked the edge of the sheet out from under him.

He clutched the comforter firmly to his chest. “’Cause I gotta tell you, it’s definitely not a Muggle thing, crawling into another bloke’s bed in the middle of the night.”

A snort. “It’s a Seamus-is-cold thing. Christ, you weigh a tonne. Don’t you care that I’m freezing my arse off here?”

A Seamus Thing by atdelphi NC17 Seamus/Dean. This is really cute.

"The first time I fucked your best friend, I was fourteen years old. I didn't have a single clue what I was doing, and neither did Sirius. Kissing, fumbling, mass confusion.

A Lesson in Porn with Messr. Remus J. Lupin by the amazing, brilliant, perfect anniesj.(Remus/Sirius, Remus/James) NC17.

"What happened?" Lily asked, astonished, as she took their arms into her hands and peered at where they were joined together.

"Potions accident," Sirius replied before Remus. "It'll wear off in a week."

Lily stepped back, eyeing him. "You don't look too sorry about it."

Remus looked over to Sirius, who was shrugging. "I'm not. I like Remus. He'll be fun to be attached to."

Adunatio. by Vixenette, I believe. I forget the rating, but it's up there.

I suppose that everyone in the world reads shoebox_project, but here are some of my favorite lines anyway...

"James Potter," It will say, "I want nothing to do with your Teddy Bear sentiments!"

"Maturity being our middle name. Our collective middle name. Sirius and Remus Maturity Black-Lupin."

"So." Sirius is lounging against the wall, hips out, body relaxed, hair mussed carefully over only one eye, and smelling, Remus is sure of it, of lavender. "How is she? Is she in prime form? Is she snappy? Is she feisty?"

"I'm complimenting you, Mr. Lupin," McGonagall says. "Complimenting you, yes, and wondering why you spend your days and nights with Mr. Black, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Toast - Pettigrew. Pettigrew. Please, please, forget I said that."

"Finally," Sirius says dramatically, slamming the door and vaguely registering Remus' muffled yelp. "We're alone. We can't keep meeting like this, Professor. People will talk."

"Good afternoon, Mr. Black," McGonagall says at length. "I suppose this could not be put off forever."

Sirius slides hip first into the chair, throwing one long leg up over the arm of it, and smiles seductively at her. "Our meeting has been inevitable since the beginning of time, Professor. Such is the nature of love."

"I am not at liberty to discuss the proceedings of interviews with other students," McGonagall murmurs. "However, I believe he propositioned me multiple times, and is, as well you know, very persistent with his propositions."

"He gets it from Potter," Lily says darkly, and gives McGonagall a meaningful look.

"My sympathies," McGonagall says dryly.


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