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20th-Sep-2004 09:31 am - Hmmm...
1D- zayn's not having it
Haven't posed here in a while, but I found this this morning-

"I hate long bus journeys." Dom said.

"I get bus sick," Billy said dolefully.

"I lost my Game Boy," Elijah added.

Gloom descended.

and also, the amusing-

They talked about, well, lots of things. Football and whether Elijah really was an animatronic puppet knocked together by Weta; how much of New Zealand (or England for that matter) would disappear if the polar ice caps melted and whether America's problems were caused by a distinct lack of Cadbury's chocolate (both Dom and Orlando had been very relieved to find out that they could still get Wispas and chocolate buttons in New Zealand. Billy had called them both obsessive chocoholics but since he'd been halfway through his second packet of Jaffa cakes that morning, he was on distinctly shaky ground).

These excerpts are from the very cute The Aphrodisiac Qualities Of Ditches, by kraken_wakes. NC-17, Dom/Orlando.
8th-Aug-2004 12:23 am(no subject)
1D- zayn's not having it
I've got an unlocked link to the rec I posted a while ago...

Ali looked at her father and everything came out in one big breath. “I’mengagedtoDominicandthey’refightingoverme!”

Sean arched an eyebrow and took her from Orlando. “Now what’s this? You’re engaged?”

She nodded and giggled. “To Dommie!”

He smiled and kissed her forehead and looked at Dominic. “You really love him?”

She nodded.

“You sure you want to marry him? He’s kind of goofy looking.”

http://www.livejournal.com/community/seaninic/10730.html<--- Becoming Part of the Family, by lulla_belle1208
7th-Aug-2004 11:36 pm(no subject)
1D- zayn&#39;s not having it
He grows his hair out so it’s long enough to be spiked, dyes it blue, then red, then blue again. Writes angry songs about gay marriage and AIDS.

Cockteases, too, but he doesn’t show that one to the band.

Sometimes he goes home with the Deviants’ drummer, Billy, because he's bored and Billy stocks good booze. Sometimes he goes home with the bassist, Lando, because he and Lando go way back, and what is a childhood friend good for if not casual sex?

This Au is fucking smashing.

It's like Valiant Effort, only a bit harder.

Nifty Punk!Au by lux__aeterna
26th-Jul-2004 03:58 am - I really love this one...
Billy withdrew again. Dom could feel him pull back, even though his body didn't move an inch. "Never mind. Just leave it be, Dom."

Dom sat up, tossed the icepak to one side, and looked Billy full in the face. The pain he saw there startled and disturbed him. "No, I will not leave it be. Whatever hurts you hurts me. Tell me why I hurt."

From the very sweet Run Away by Pippin. Which can be found here:

15th-Jul-2004 12:45 am - teeheeee! *snorts*
SPN - eye
"...there’s NO FUCKIN’ WAY I’m gonna travel with half a zillion suitcases and a doctor on a camel!!!"

I'm sure sweetzattack doesn't mind when I'm saying that THIS is totally nuts! but it's too funny, the funniest thing I ever read as I must say *still giggles*

so, without further ado (except the note that it's posted at another journal 'cause the usual's friends-only):

one-way ticket to chaos, Part 1
5th-Jul-2004 11:05 am(no subject)
1D- zayn&#39;s not having it
I have to rec this cute little story about Elijah and Dom's mothers.

"Yeah, I've got to go," Elijah answered, hoping he did not sound too relieved.

Deborah's heart sank when she heard the relief in his voice. "Bye-bye, Monkey. You keep having fun, okay?"

"Okay, Mom. Bye."

Deborah hung up the phone. She knew Elijah better than anyone, and something was off. Something about his tone when he said good-bye. What was it, exactly? Sadness, fatigue, worry? No: guilt. What had they been talking about just before she hung up?



"So does he think you're special too?" Dom was not surprised by the tension in her voice when she asked that question. Aureen had seen his heart broken before. She knew that Dom fell in love easily and, for all his high spirits and joking, was hurt easily. He knew that if he got involved with someone she felt did not appreciate him enough, she was going to fly out and personally kill that person.

"Yeah. I think so." Okay, now he was blushing. "He's just, well, coming to grips with things."

"Patience is not one of your many virtues, Dommie," she said, a warning note in her voice. When she used his childhood nickname, he knew Mum was about to give him a lesson.

"No, it's not," he admitted.

"Is he worth waiting for?"


The very unique Mom and Mum by Iolanthe.
29th-Jun-2004 11:09 pm(no subject)
SPN - eye
At first, the rest of the cast and crew merely tolerated Pooka in much the way that fathers endure playing Barbies with their daughters.

wasn't able to decide what to quote.. didn't want to spoil anything *still giggles*

want a good laugh? go read Fair Game by glasgow_blue :o)
1D- zayn&#39;s not having it

“It would make a mad surf, wouldn’t it?” Billy says softly, and the words take long seconds to reach Dominic. Dominic stares at the water, already beginning to roil and crest white and grey, and laughs.

“I’m game if you are.”

But neither of them moves immediately to play or change clothes. After several minutes Dominic sighs and turns at last to face Billy, calmer now in a way Billy wishes he could learn, absorb and keep forever, provided he didn’t have to suffer through the physical gymnastics that came with the learning.

“We should just … go out there,” Dominic muses. “Not to surf. Just to remember it.”

“White shores,” Billy smiles, and it is Dominic’s turn to nod.

The breathtaking This is the way one World ends by kiltsandlollies from the Day after Tommorrow fic challenge. It's beautiful and sad and amazing.


But Elijah? He was stuck looking like a china doll who couldn't grow facial hair if his life depended on it. He was stuck being short and unfunny and too smart and only cool by association with the most popular kid in class. Of course, Dom said this was complete bollocks, but that was just another example of how Elijah was screwed every which way in comparison. There was no way Liv would ever go to the prom with him while there was the slightest chance that Mr. I'm-so-sauve-because-I've-got-a-tattoo-and-an-English-accent-and-I'll-flaunt-them-as-much-as-possible Monaghan might ask her instead.

This is from Basketcase, which is an AU in which the lotr cast is in High school. This fic is funny, brilliant and witty, and it will have you laughing. It's also got an amazing plot, which will make you wonder what's gonna happen next and have you itching for the next part. It's by circe_tigana, to whom I bow down. All her stuff is amazing.

Ali looked at her father and everything came out in one big breath. “I’mengagedtoDominicandthey’refightingoverme!”

Sean arched an eyebrow and took her from Orlando. “Now what’s this? You’re engaged?”

She nodded and giggled. “To Dommie!”

He smiled and kissed her forehead and looked at Dominic. “You really love him?”

She nodded.

“You sure you want to marry him? He’s kind of goofy looking.”

from Becoming Part of the family, which is an adorable little thing written by lulla_belle1208

And that's all for now. Read 'em. Cuz I said so.
25th-Jun-2004 01:21 am(no subject)
SPN - eye
"I have yet to find the person I want to have breakfast with."

this is a beautiful (and hot, too, btw) piece of Monaboyd which I really like and therefore want to share :o)

ETA: this is REALLY embarrassing.. forgot the link.. thank you, seedy! there ya go *blushes and runs off to bed now*: satine405's Instant Pleasure
15th-Jun-2004 07:37 pm - Angst-ficlet
Green Fae

They were never meant for a happily ever after. They were never meant to be a fairytale. They never began with “Once upon a time…”

From the_duckie's "Everything Happens for a Reason", posted in fellow_shippers. I can't make a direct link to it work properly, but</span>

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