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23rd-Jan-2007 12:13 pm(no subject)
I kind of miss this comm. Also, I keep finding quotes I wish to wave at people right when nobody's online. Thus, I post.

Hair by poor_medea.

Unfortunately for Draco, Pansy wasn’t all that great at cunning plans. Actually, none of his friends were. The Slytherins had somehow earned a reputation for being devious and scheming, but most of their plans went along the lines of ‘throw money at the problem and it’ll go away’.
17th-Nov-2005 09:00 pm(no subject)
halloween, cat
from Winter Dragon's Pawn (HBP spoilers in the fic, no major spoilers in these quotes)

But while his threadbare bag was slipping off his shoulder and his tattered books were threatening to slip from his grasp, his housemates looked as regal and elegant as if they’d just left a garden party. Even in retreat, they carried themselves with pride; and Severus hated them all with an intensity borne of envy and desire.

He’d have done anything for her, in those days before she became Mrs. Malfoy.
For all his disillusionment with Wizarding aristocracy, he reflects morosely, he still would.

The rosewater she dabbed behind her ears haunted him, but unfortunately many Hogwarts girls used the same fragrance, and he often found himself turning, only to scowl fiercely at a Lily imposter. He began to avoid fireplaces, because the burning logs reminded him of her flame-colored hair.

But now the endgame has begun, and the pawn must move. He stares down at the pale aristocratic head bowed before him. The gleaming hair is entirely out of place in the dreary sitting room of Spinner’s End, gold amid the dust. Cissy, he almost murmurs, a warning; but he lost his right to call her that, long ago.
1st-Aug-2005 08:24 am(no subject)
matan4il is writing a VigOrli. It's in her GreatestJournal archived here His Space Was Growing Inwards

Orlando recognizes the sound now. It's the squeal that water-breathing dragons make when they fall from the sky, mid-flight.

Out of context it may sound odd.. but - it is beautiful and well worth the read.
7th-Jun-2005 06:00 pm - Introductions
Forms by Stacca.

“You’re Aragorn?” She confirmed, pointing again at tall dark and leadery. He nodded before pointing to each of his companions in turn.

“And there, is Gandalf, Gimli son of Gloin and Legolas of the woodland realm.”

Dawn’s gaze fell once more on the elf. Woodland realm huh? Their introductions were suddenly interrupted by a voice sounding of woodchips and rustling.

“Well my name’s George…..”

Everyone turned to the previously screaming tree and simply blinked; an action to which the Ent seemed to take offence. Dawn watched in mild shock as the tree pouted…..yes pouted…..and shifted its branches moodily.

“In case anyone wanted to know,” it finished sulkily, folding a couple of branches in front of it in, what Dawn was shocked to realize, was an uncanny imitation of a sulky Spike. Dawn couldn’t help the grin that slid across her features.
18th-Oct-2004 10:17 am(no subject)
Underwater Light by sarahtales:

"I never liked that Smith much anyway."

Blaise and Pansy sighed in very loud unison. "And we all know why, too," Pansy remarked.

Draco looked stubborn. "I don't like blonds."

Pansy looked like a woman who had heard this before, and who was now affectionately exasperated. "Draco, he did not steal the idea from you. You don't have blond copyrighted."


"Just because I have some intellectual pursuits, unlike other people who are complete brainless sports fanatics, also sitting at this table, their name rhymes with 'otter.'"

"I'm not a brainless sports fanatic," Harry corrected him. "I have a lot on my mind. This whole defeating evil thing is just something you've taken up: it's been my job since I was eleven. I don't have time for poetry."

"Because you have no soul," Draco said placidly, obviously reduced to a state of nirvana by all the coffee. He began to stir each cup, one by one. "I mean. One hobby. Besides Quidditch. Defeating evil does not count. Go on. Name one. I dare you."

"Er..." said Harry, and ate a spoonful of chocolate ice-cream to put off the evil moment. "I like, um. I collect Chocolate Frog cards!" he said with relief.


"So you two aren't going to get into another punching match."

"No," said Harry.

"Because Draco would win," Pansy put in, not quite under her breath.

"Harry would win," Ron corrected her in a low voice.

She made the spoon gesture again. "Bite me, Weasley, you oaf."

"Of course not," Draco answered Hermione airily. "A fight clears the air tremendously. Men do it all the time. And we are men. Manly men. Have you seen my hairbrush?"
18th-Oct-2004 12:23 am(no subject)
1D- zayn's not having it
To get the other fandom ball rolling, here are some Harry Potter recs and lines.

Cut, cuz it's longish...Collapse )

16th-Oct-2004 11:46 pm(no subject)
1D- zayn's not having it
This Community is NOW officially open to ALL fandoms!

You should put the fandom in the subject line.

We should also pimp this community like crazy now.


11th-Oct-2004 08:58 pm(no subject)
1D- zayn's not having it
A yes or no question, guys.


Do you think we should open this community up to all fandoms?

Leave your answer below. Please feel free to tell us why you feel that way.


-Virginia, mod.
27th-Sep-2004 05:24 pm(no subject)
"Don't. Fucking. Touch. Me. Because if you do, then I'll hit you. And then Sean will beat the crap out of me, and I really don't want that.

From Communion ... posted at Bent Back Tulips by Val ... oh, just go read it!
23rd-Sep-2004 01:38 pm(no subject)
hi to you all! I'm new here, in fact it's the first community I've joined in lj ^__^. so if I made some errors in running along lineslikethis im very sorry... so not to be boring, heres some lines which had me fall of my chair although I was sitting on the floor:

"That night they unanimously voted to oust the title of 'The Hobbit Room' in favor of 'The Tequila Room.'
'El Casa de Tequila!' Dom raised a glass in toast to the name.
Sean frowned. 'Um, I don’t know if that’s right.'
'Who the fuck cares? We could call it La Cucaracha de Tequila if we want.' Orlando shouted."

"Very clever, Elijah mused. Sean was so smart. That was why he was a hobbit. Even if he was married and heterosexual and all that madness."

"Just takin' this here ring to Mordor, mister, that's all."

"Hobbits don't blow hobbits."

"I'll never be able to be able to say that one again."

"Nothing is idiot-proof to a truly talented idiot."

all of them are from inbetweens's "Fic In Which Billy Boyd Says Stuff". love her forever for that ^__^
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