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Lines Like This
from Winter Dragon's Pawn (HBP spoilers in the fic, no major… 
17th-Nov-2005 09:00 pm
halloween, cat
from Winter Dragon's Pawn (HBP spoilers in the fic, no major spoilers in these quotes)

But while his threadbare bag was slipping off his shoulder and his tattered books were threatening to slip from his grasp, his housemates looked as regal and elegant as if they’d just left a garden party. Even in retreat, they carried themselves with pride; and Severus hated them all with an intensity borne of envy and desire.

He’d have done anything for her, in those days before she became Mrs. Malfoy.
For all his disillusionment with Wizarding aristocracy, he reflects morosely, he still would.

The rosewater she dabbed behind her ears haunted him, but unfortunately many Hogwarts girls used the same fragrance, and he often found himself turning, only to scowl fiercely at a Lily imposter. He began to avoid fireplaces, because the burning logs reminded him of her flame-colored hair.

But now the endgame has begun, and the pawn must move. He stares down at the pale aristocratic head bowed before him. The gleaming hair is entirely out of place in the dreary sitting room of Spinner’s End, gold amid the dust. Cissy, he almost murmurs, a warning; but he lost his right to call her that, long ago.
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